Staff & Equipment

Traffic Controllers

Advanced Traffic Controllers are all professionally outfitted, fully trained and accredited. They will provide safe working environments on any road or car park set up. Traffic Controllers are supplied with appropriate PPE including:

  • Day/Night Reflective Road Worker Vests with Logo
  • Day/Night Reflective Coveralls for after hours and poor visibility sites
  • Long Sleeve Cotton Drill Shirts and Trousers
  • Wide Brim Hat, Hard Hat, Safety Glasses and Steel Capped Boots
  • 2 – Way Radio

We currently have in-excess of 150 Traffic Controllers working in Victoria.

Advanced Traffic Management Fleet Vehicles

Advanced Traffic Management Currently has a fleet of:

4 x Traffic Management Trucks – Set up for High Speed Road Works. Trucks are complete with Roof Mounted Arrow Boards, Custom Designed Drop Deck Tray allows Traffic Controllers to close lanes from the safety of the back of the truck – out of live traffic. The trucks carry 75 bollards, Traffic Cones and double the signage of a regular Traffic Control Vehicle.

70 x Traffic Control Utes – All equipped with a full range of signs, cones and bollards for any typical Traffic Control set up.

All Advanced Traffic Control Vehicles come standard the following safety equipment:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Arrow Board
  • Amber Beacons
  • Reverse Alarm
  • Reverse Camera
  • GPS Telematic System
  • Dash Cameras

3 x Truck Mounted Attenuator

Advanced Traffic Management Equipment

Advanced Traffic Management provides all standard traffic equipment involved in construction and road works. We can supply:

  • Visual Message Boards (Amber or 5 Colour) “C” Class
  • Trailer Mounted Arrow Boards “C” Class
  • Portable Traffic Signals – Trailer Mounted
  • Portable Traffic Signals – E Stop
  • Light Towers
  • Barriers - Concrete and Armourzone
  • Porta Boom
  • Traffic Sign
  • Bollards